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Philippe Deprez

Aesthetic Medicine PhD - Spain
Philippe Deprez
Course: PeelDeep

Chemical cheilo-blepharoplasty, Tri-dimensional lifting

For: advanced practitioners, plastic surgeons

Duration: 2 days / 12 hours

From now on, medecine is witness of a great step forward with Skin Tech® phenol peels, because it has become medical device class IIa achieving the highest standard in safety.

Evgeniya Ranneva

Dermatologist PhD - Spain
Evgeniya Ranneva
Course: SlimFace

Injectable lipolysis, Face remodelling, double chin correction

For: aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists

Duration: 1 day / 6 hours

Become a leader in face slimming using new products and injectable techniques. Positive results encourage to learn more.

Nenad Stanković

Aesthetic Medicine - Serbia
Nenad Stanković
Course: Full Face Rejuvenation

Combination of different products/techniques Threads & RRS® injections

For: advanced aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists

Duration: 1 day / 8 hours

To create new “good hands” is our goal. Combination of skin resurfacing treatments helps increasing quality and quantity of daily practical skills

Pierre Deglesne

Immunologist PhD - France
Pierre Deglesne
Course: Scientific background of product formulations

In-vitro study / Clinical trials

For: scientists, accreditated medical practitioners & trainers, product developers

Duration: 1 day / 6 hours

“Education is the passport of the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today” (Malcom X). Science is the engine of prosperity (Unknown source)

Gabriel Siquier

Aesthetic Medicine - Netherlands
Gabriel Siquier
Course: Customized Treatments

Trichology: alopecia treatment Eyes rejuvenation

For: aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, trichologists

Duration: 1 day / 8 hours

Very often, our patients worry about the downtime related to procedures. The time come for us to learn new customized treatments associated often a reduced downtime.

Oki Park

Business Developer - Spain
Oki Park
Course: Business training

Sales & marketing strategies commercial meetings

For: product developers, commercials, business owners

Duration: 1 day / 8 hours

Useful points of business environment are: Enabling the identification of opportunities. Assisting in planning and policy formulation. Improvement in performance. Image building


Workshops Face

Live learning

Discover therapeutical “know-how”

Discover therapeutical “know-how”:

  • For anti-aging medicine
  • For dermatology
  • For skin & health care
  • New products / New techniques through innovation
  • Peelings & Injections: fillers, botulinic toxin, mesotherapy,
    PRP, threads and more
Guided visit of manufacture

Guided visit of manufacture:

  • Cosmetics, ampoules, vials, syringes
  • Discover regulatory aspects and quality control processes
  • Masterclass to understand dermocosmetic formulation
Best speakers & professors

Best speakers & professors

  • Auditorium:
    • Maximum 45 persons
    • Separated demonstration class
    • With live video projection
    • Simultaneous translation possible
    • Catering & transport service

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